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Route 45 Construction Update


Here is an update we just received on the Route 45 construction from IDOT:


IDOT Contract 60956 - reconstruction of US Rte 45 from IL 120 to Washington St - is scheduled to start during the week of August 23, 2010. Utility companies (ComEd. North Shore Gas, AT & T, etc.) have already started to relocate their utilities.


To facilitate the widening of Rte 45, and also to relocate the utilities, few trees and the existing wooden fence in front of Brae Loch golf course will need to be removed, The removal of trees has already begun, and the wooden fence will be removed in a day or so by the utility company.


Access to the Brae Loch Golf Course will be maintained at all times during the construction.



More Road Construction Updates


First of all, the long-awaited resurfacing of St. Mary's Road from Illinois Route 137 to Illinois Route 176 has been let and awarded.  Construction is expected to begin in September and be completed this fall. 


Winchester Road from US Route 45 to Butterfield Road is also scheduled to be resurfaced with the letting scheduled for this October and the construction expected to take place in the spring.


The Midlothian Road extension from the fairgrounds entrance north to the Libertyville Metra station will be let either this fall or winter with construction expected to get underway in the spring and be completed by mid-July.  This project will need a new crossing at the CN Railroad tracks and we are currently working very hard to get the necessary agreements in place with the railroad.


Coming up in 2011 will be the project to widen Peterson Road from two lanes to four lanes between US Route 45 and Illinois Route 83 including the expansion and modernization of the intersection at Illinois Route 83.  We are currently working on the final engineering and ROW acquisition and expect to let the job in the spring and begin construction next summer.


Also being planned for 2011 is the widening of Illinois Route 21 north of Libertyville from Illinois Route 137 to Illinois Route 120.    IDOT is currently working on final engineering and ROW acquisition and they will administer and manage the project.  This has been a notorious bottleneck in the Libertyville - Gurnee area for a long time and it was a top priority to come out of the 2005, 2006 Transportation Summit process.



Road Construction Highlights

Washington St.
from IL 21 to US Route 41
:  Project is nearing completion. All lanes are open. Median landscaping in Spring 2010.

Washington St. from Hunt Club Rd. to IL 21:  Crews have begun excavation on the North side of Washington St. and installing temporary pavement.

North Ave. from IL 83 to Deep Lake RdNorth Ave. is closed to thru traffic as roadway reconstruction has begun.

Midlothian Rd. Extension:  The final segment of the Midlothian Rd. extension is scheduled to begin Summer 2010.

MLK Jr. Dr. from Green Bay Rd. to Sheridan Rd:  The north half of the roadway is complete. Reconstruction of the south half will start in the Spring of 2010.

Riverwoods Rd. at Everett Rd.  Construction of a roundabout is scheduled to begin in Summer 2010.

Hunt Club Rd. at Wadsworth Rd.  Construction of a roundabout is scheduled to begin in Late 2010.

Hunt Club Rd. at Millburn Rd.
  Construction of a roundabout is scheduled to begin in Late 2010.


Tax Assessment Help Center


Homeowners in Libertyville and Fremont Township will be receiving their assessment notices in the month of August.  Other Lake County residents will be receiving their assessment notices over the next few months. Taxpayers are encouraged to discuss their questions regarding their property assessment valuation with their local township assessor's office.


Remember that you only have 30 days from the publication date to appeal your property assessment valuation.  Libertyville Township homeowners appeal filing deadline is September 13 and Fremont Township homeowners appeal filing deadline is September 20.


To help residents understand their assessments, the Chief County Assessment Office is holding a series of Tax Assessment Help Centers. There will be 14 Tax Assessment Help Centers in Grayslake, Vernon Hills and Waukegan during the months of August through October. If you feel you may be over assessed or need help Understanding Your Property Assessment, mark your calendar and attend a Tax Assessment Help Center



At the Tax Assessment Help Centers, Chief County Assessment Office staff will work with taxpayers to assist them in understanding the assessment valuation process, their new property tax assessment, and their options in assessment valuation appleals.


The first two help centers will take place August 18 and August 19:


Wednesday, August 18  5 - 8 p.m.

University Center of Lake County, Grayslake Room 111


Thursday, August 19, 4 - 7 p.m.

Lake County Administration Building - 7th Floor, Waukegan


"When property assessment notices are distributed, many residents often do not understand what the assessment notice means or how they should evaluate their property tax valuation. We want to answer questions and provide property owners an opportunity to learn about how their property assessment valuation is determined, their role in the tax process and how to evaluate the appropriateness of a property's assessed value," explained Chief County Assessment Officer Marty Paulson.


More Info:

View Schedule 


Chief County Assessment Office - 847.377.2050


Did you miss the Live Chat?

Property Tax and Assessment Facts:
Lake County Treasurer Bob Skidmore and Chief County Assessment Officer Marty Paulson answer the most frequently asked questions about property taxes and assessments.



Get Real-Time Lake County Beach Conditions with 'SwimCastSwimCast


Before heading to the beach, it's a good idea to check the weather forecast, and the "SwimCast." The Lake County Health Department's "SwimCast" system measures air and water temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation, relative humidity, wave height, lake stage, insolation (light energy) and other water quality parameters. These measures help predict when E. coli levels are low enough to indicate safe swimming conditions, or high enough to call for a swim ban.

View SwimCast data and check beach closures


West Nile Virus

Mosquito Pools Test Positive for West Nile Virus in Lake County


Five mosquito pools in southeast Lake County have tested positive for West Nile Misquotovirus (WNV) . The samples are the first confirmed indicators of the disease's presence in Lake County in 2010. WNV is a potentially dangerous infection transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. No human cases have been reported in Illinois in 2010. It's important to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites including using insect repellent containing DEET. The Health Department maintains a West Nile virus hotline for county residents to report areas of stagnant water (which are conducive for mosquito breeding), or to obtain more information on the signs and symptoms of West Nile encephalitis. The hotline number is: (847) 377-8300.

Read News Release




Learn More: Health Department WNV Web Page 


Mundelein Centennial Plaza Project



The Village of Mundelein is asking you to VOTE for the Mundelein Centennial Plaza Project in order for the Village  to win $50,000.

August 1st through August 31st you will have the opportunity to vote for the Mundelein Centennial Plaza $50,000 grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project. Click on the link below to register, and vote for this fantastic project.

The Mundelein Centennial Plaza Project will add a beautiful landscaped plaza to the northwest corner of Kracklauer Park in downtown Mundelein. The Plaza will incorporate an eco-friendly design and feature a meditation labyrinth. The Pepsi Refresh Project is a competitive application process.


Please vote for this project daily until August 31st. Pass the word to your friends and family. Link this site to your Facebook page and spread the word. Help us win $50,000!




Community members will plant 48 Crab trees, 50 shrubs, and 125 perennials around the plaza creating a sacred open space.  The plaza, with its unique component of the labyrinth, will also be a host to artistic programs, and public events thus stimulating the downtown business by attracting visitors and investment.



Free Medical Services from Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital's CareCoach

More information on carecoach program 




CareCoach takes its free health services and educational programs on the road to 22 community sites each month. Services provided a registered nurse include:

  • Cholesterol screenings
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Diabetes screenings
  • BMI screenings
  • Waist measurement screenings
  • Tobacco cessation services
  • Counseling with a registered nurse
  • Immunizations
  • Referrals to a physician, if needed

 Check the Calendar for a visit near you. 







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Print Prescription Drug Card

A gentleman from Mundelein wrote me "the pharmacist at the Walgreen's practically begged me to get the RX card to help with a drug that is not covered by our insurance.. I always mistakenly thought it was tied to income..and she told me, no that is not true... I got  21% off the retail price of the drug!!! 


County residents can take advantage of a prescription drug discount card program.  The free card that is accepted at most pharmacies offers average savings of 20 percent off the retail price of commonly prescribed drugs.  This is intended for people without prescription coverage or on medicines not covered by your plan.  The card may also be used where accepted to fill prescriptions for pets.  To receive a card, click here.