Community Outreach

Individual activities

Like many SBF residents, our members participate in a variety of outside volunteer activities. In the gardening area, this includes upkeep and maintenance work at Volo Bog, Moraine Hills State Park, the Chicago Botanic Garden and the gardens of the Fremont and Libertyville libraries. Such work not only brings us credit, but often supplies new ideas and advance information about activities of interest.


Club activities

Sharing with other local garden organizations. We’ve given pots to the Antioch Garden Club, the Gardeners of Central Lake Co., and the local Master gardeners. Overflow plants from our sale have gone to the Grayslake Greenery Garden Club, many of which have been planted at senior residences and schools in Grayslake. Our established lines of communication with other groups in the area have become an excellent forum for exchanging ideas, probably most importantly, re: worthwhile guest speakers.


Blue Star project: Our club presented a Blue Star By-Way Marker (an Armed Services Memorial) to Behm Homestead Park. Markers like these, placed by garden clubs, can be found in public areas all over the country. 


Project Update (February, 2009):


In early 2008, we learned that a new township park, a recreational park for all ages, was being built just east of SBF. Behm Homestead Park is named for the original family that homesteaded and then owned both the land that has been developed into the park, and also the land that is now Saddlebrook Farms. We found out that, as an affiliate of the Garden Clubs of Illinois and the National Garden Clubs, we could be part of their Blue Star Memorial project. This project honors all Armed Service members past, present and future, with bronzed markers in landscaped public areas. Because of the shared history of SBF’s land and the park land as well as the many veterans and veteran families that are and always have been part of Saddlebrook Farms, we thought it would be especially fitting for us to donate a Blue Star Memorial marker to the park. To the left below is a picture of our marker, which will be installed in the park once it has officially opened. At the time of installation, there will be a dedication ceremony, and all Saddlebrook armed service members and their families, along with other persons of note, will be invited. To the right below is a picture of the certificate given to our club by the National Garden Clubs Inc., in appreciation of our participation in the project.



Background information about the Behm homestead: The land was homesteaded in the late 19th century by a family named Behm, and later divided between the original farmer’s two sons The western portion of the land was eventually bought in the 1970s by a private family, for use as a vacation retreat. Among other things, they built our Lake House. They sold the land in the early 1990s to the developers of Saddlebrook Farms. The eastern part of the land had a stipulation that it would always remain open land. It remained in the Behm family until Fremont township purchased it in the early 2000s.The planning and development of the new park has taken place under the guidance of lifelong area resident and current Township Supervisor Pete Tekampe.